5 speed conversion hydraulic system

Good morning
Will be pulling the auto out at the beginning of April and I need to get all the hydraulics for the car
Do you have a recommendation for
what vendor to use. So many places have the parts just want to get quality ones. Im sure some of them come from the Manufacture.
I have used Moss for the TR for years


When I did my 5 speed conversion I used Moss for the master, slave and pedal box rebuild kit. I bought the hydraulic lines from Terrys jaguar. I had to fab the solid line that goes from the slave to the flexible line. Bought solid line at the auto parts store and bent to fit. That was tricky. I modified the slave cylinder with the Isuzu slave and used an external spring. You need to fab the rod coming out of the slave from a bolt to get the right length. In my case available rods were too short or two long. Some trial and error.

I have used SNGB for years.

If you want to, you can buy the genuine Jaguar part.

As an example, slave cylinders.

I’m not sure what E Type you have, this is just an example of what’s available.

I have used Welsh enterprises for years along with the others…because $$'s mattered I compared prices from all the usuals
If you have the old XKs unlimited catalog (a huge book) then pages E83, E84 have a good diagram with parts numbers (XKs kind of shot themselves in the foot…maybe why they sold out to Moss…by using their own part numbers vs Jag numbers)
You can come by and copy these pages…I wrote the prices directly on them…tho they are from 10 years ago…

Of note…only the higher dollar (because they did cost most new) long wheel base 2+2 came with Automatic…as auto did not fit the short

And too…keep the automatic parts…as E-type owners get older and fatter the 9 inches longer matter


Ps the parts book that Richard Ligett (here) put together for series 2 and is available at his website XKEBooks .com…well the book never leaves the table.