5 speed conversion info

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Several years ago I purchased a manual transmission conversion setup from Keisler Engineering. My project got side lined & I never did the installation. I’m considering selling the car & all extra pieces/parts.
I can’t seem to find Keisler anymore & I need some info about what I purchased from them.
Butch from Pgh


Looks like Silver Sport transmissions bought Keisler. https://shiftsst.com

Chapter 7’d https://www.hotrod.com/articles/keisler-engineering-files-for-chapter-7-bankruptcy/

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #3

That company has no listings for Jaguar. Disappointing.

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i thought it was taken over by ‘the driven man’. he still has listings for jaguar. my xjs with 5 speed will also be up for sale soon and the conversion is worth more than the car.

(PeterCrespin) #5

I thought The Driven Man absorbed Keisler?