50's Lucas Battery Warning Label

Hi. I am over from the MG community to ask if anyone has information on the warning label that Lucas put on their batteries from at least 1950 to 1953. I have pictures of the label, but do not have enough resolution to make them out completely.

I see the label on the front of one lucas battery, and on the side of another. White label approimatly 3/4 inch wide and the length of the battery.

The one I can make out some of the wordage says. "WARNING Overcharge…the temperature must not exceed the…

I am in the process of installing an AGM battery into an old lucas case and would like to add this label.

Have a look on the website isaydingdong.co.uk. Weird name but they have a huge range of older labels and stickers, however I couldn’t see the one you mentioned with my brief search. There are many other sites that do these Items covering a variety of genres so you might be successful.

Thanks Peter. I dropped them an email to see if they had the warning or can make it.