511438 on the road once more

Hello, just thought I’d post a few pretty pictures of 511438 which is now being driven again for the first time in 50 years. The owner, Geoff Connor was good enough to take me for a drive yesterday, so I was able to capture these images. A big thank you out there to all the generous & knowledgeable people who were willing to share their time, knowledge and expertise to assist in the resurrection of this car. Thank you. All I would like for the car is a C.178 tube spanner and the trim which fits around the outer edge of the tool tray lid, as I Inadvertently put in into the rubbish when I cleaned out my Father’s shed.


Beautiful machine, well done, I am on a similar path with my MKIV in the UK

classy cars

And showing good taste in period correct auxiliary tail lights. :grin: