'54 120 - s. calif. - $51,000

Dash wood looks like it’s falling apart.
Can see lot’s of cracks.
I don’t think there were any DHC with roll up windows, looks weird.

Really? I thought all DHC’s had rollup windows…?



Yes, that and the front quarter windows or NDV’s like the factory called them.

1936-1940 SS Jaguar DHC no NDV’s.
1946-1949 Jaguar DHC (MKIV) no NDV’s.
1950-1951 Jaguar MKV DHC with NDV’s.
1953-1954 Jaguar XK120 DHC with NDV’s.
1954-1957 Jaguar XK140 DHC with NDV’s.
1957-1961 Jaguar XK150 DHC with NDV’s.

And all of them had roll up windows.


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Whew! for a second, I thought my past had gotten caught up with me! I had a 1964 Drophead that I had modified with a Vee Eight a long time ago, and it was traded in, and just disappeared from my area. I had repainted mine from white to red and installed a Chrysler Hemi and Muncie 4 speed. You could move away in fourth gear at an idle.

That sounds pretty cool. But, was it a “302 Cobra racing engine”? (Bob asked snarkily :grimacing:)

It always cracks me up when something is advertised as a “racing…”. All that tells me is that the author is ignorant as to what they have.

Snark aside, I never thought about this generation of jags being lumped with a v8. I would love to see one and go for a ride.

You would have loved my project, and it was scary and amazing. I ran with an E-type coupe on the way back from the East Coast, and he kept coming up alongside me, so as to challenge my ‘old car’. He could not stay with me, but we did stop for a break and I showed him what I had done. This would have been in 1961.

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