56-57 XK140 C type Jaguar Engine

I have a Jaguar engine and I am trying to find out what it is worth and if anyone is interested in buying it. I have pictures. I am told it is a 56-57 XK140. It is a C type. I don’t know much about it. Can anyone help? Thanks.


Connie, we will need the engine number and head number.


No problem getting info on the engine, but remember our rules and don’t try and sell it in this section. All sales must be done in the classifieds section, which you will be able to access after using the site for a while.

Enjoy your time here.


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the number on the head is G6139-8S and the number on the side of the engine is ###39-8S. I can’t make out the beginning and I’ve cleaned it and used soap stone on it. Is there another way I can lift the number? Thank you for the help.

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Matt. I understand. Not trying to sell it yet. I was hoping I could find help with getting a good estimate of it’s worth. I won’t try to sell here.
Thanks for your help.

I’ve had good luck, using a dental pick, gently scratching across the numbers.

Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks.


Odds on the engine number is the same as the head number, which means that it is an original engine. Post some photos when you can.


Try a wire brush on the block number.

Good idea. I’ll try that. I’m looking for a dental pick but haven’t found one. My son said he has one and will bring it to me when he comes down.
Thanks again.

Okay. I got to figure out how to post them.

Here is one. I can only do one at a time.


The block number should look like this, just below the word JAGUAR.
In this case the G is poorly stamped and looks like a C.

I have this one, I was told it would be stamped above the oil filter housing.

here is another picture of it.

this is why i’ll have to take the wire brush or dental tool to it.

Or paint stripper. The head may have been red, but black is the normal color for blocks, oil pans and water pumps.
Red engines are believed to run faster and jump higher, but only within certain minds. :wink:


Red cars are also faster… :slight_smile: