'57 Mk 8 I hope there is an interested expert out there to help

Had a garage find and couldn’t resist. Pick up a Mk VIII that needed a motor. Found and dropped in a 3.8 in really good condition. Problem is I have no idea where I put the power steering drive, I think thats what its called, from the old motor. It’s the part on top of the gear pump in back of the pulley and under the hose fitting. It just disappeared. I also need a fuel tank. Lastly from the needy child, Where in the heck does the brake cervo/booster mount? It was in the trunk when I bought it. Thanks in advance guys n dolls.

Hi Jeffery,

Great to hear you are getting a Mk VIII going, they are great cars. I have a Mk IX some can give some guidance.

Easy one first. The brake booster is on the underside of the front floor. I’d suspect it may have been removed as they can fail, decay inside, the diaphragm stick etc and generally the easiest route is to purchase a generic replacement from the usual suppliers. On automatic cars a line running to the back will go through an anti-creep valve then on to the wheel cylinders.

Your power steering has a tank (with a filter in it) that supplies a pump driven by a dog arrangement on the back of the generator/ dynamo. You will numerous postings on the forum about Burmann power steering how it works and issues with leaks.

Cant help with fuel tank, maybe if it was apparent where you a located someone in your region may be able to help.

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Jeffrey : a Mark VIII with PAS is very rare indeed . If it does have it, then as Matt has stated the pump will be of the Mark IX type mounted on the back of the dynamo and secured to the dynamo by, IIRC, four screws . The PAS fluid tank is a circular canister mounted high up on the lh inner wing about half way along the engine length

Matt and Chris, your comments were very helpful. I am not missing anything on the PAS. The pump was designed for a different purpose and repurposed for the MK 8/9 PAS from what the infamous Walt at Welsh tells me. I’ll have the booster and MS inspected and rebuilt if necessary. If you can send a pic of the booster mounted that would be great. I’m so excited to get this going! Thanks guys. jeffreylnixon@gmail.com

Jeffrey, I just slid under and took this image looking forward under the car. It is within the triangle of the chassis. Hope it helps. Matt

Very big deal. Thanks for the help. You rock brother!!