6.0 V12 1996 Hydraulic engine mounting

Does anyone have a good idea for a replacement for the hydraulic engine mount, MNA7500AA which is no longer available for purchase??

I’ve actually just figured out a good replacement, that uses the cheap and readily available x308, and XKR / XK8:


You’ll need to pop off the upper mounting flange from your original units, and also cut (dremel) the protruding cone shaped “tit” on the subframe.

These can then be used as direct replacements, steel side up (!!), with the original heat shields. They are solid mounts and work great. Of course, having cut off the centering cone on the subframe, original units cannot be fit any longer, but that fact is moot, being that they are NLA, or reproduced in the UK, at $700.00 each.

Some pictures and obvious fastener data, more details are not in this post, but feel free to ask any questions.

These two pics show you the mounts sitting in the subframe prior to the cones being cut.

Also note, I’ve done a few sets of these on customer cars now, and there is zero difference between the feel of the originals (in good condition - which most are not), and these mounts.

Hi Jeff. It looks very interesting, I will immediately try to make one. If you can email a photo of the suspension where it is not mounted I will be happy?? Possibly. to my e-mail: per.g.s@godmail.dk. One more question: How is the suspension changed most easily, from above or below the car?