6.0L V-12 air boxes

the air box that bolt to the throttle body.


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Are they for an XJ or XJS ?

XJS, 94 where they attach on the TB at the rear.

I have a pair from a 1990. I believe they are the same. They mount forward to accommodate the brake system parts.


if the air box has the cold air tubes to the grill that should be them, any chance for a photo?

They do not.

Try Richard Hartwell / rchartwell@aol.com

I’ve done some trade with him and he seems to be a good dude. Also has later model parts.


I have a newly painted pair but are you referring to the plastic type fixed to the bodywork?

need the air cleaners that bolt to the Throttle Bodies, I have had them MaxBored and need a set to modify. it is for a 94 6.0L and has the ?cold air tubes?

I have a pair with an enlarged front intake that I used to hook up a 2.5” air hose touted to where the headlamps are. The ‘brights’, as I removed on my track car.

I also have other engine, exhaust and brake parts for sale.


I could use two rear silencers if the pipe size matches the sixes?

No, I would like them to be stock, but can see that for a track car that would be the way to get air to the engine.

I have a pair with an enlarged front horn to route a 2.5” hose up front.

Let me look in my parts bin, I may have something. Do you need the whole box or just the covers?

And yes, that was for my track car

I need the rear part that bolts to the T/B so I can mod them for the MAXBORE I will use my covers and cold air tubes.

Dan Serrato

So then all you need are the bolt on parts. I have them. They aren’t available it seems. Make me an offer

You need the left side parts… Right?

That is not them, on the 6.0L the T/B are at the very back of the air box.

Dan Serrato