6 Speed Manual for E’s

Came across a contact in Europe who is selling a six speed for e types, complete kit. I suspect it the BMW box

In the case of a torque monster, like a Harley or an XK-engined car, 6 cogs are pretty unnecessary.

Fun, for those of us who like shifting a lot, I guess.

5 should be plenty!

If it’s legit by all means share it. The availability of g-box upgrades has been diminishing.

WTF would anyone want a 6 speed manual gearbox in an etype?

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Why not?

Seriously, I can see no downside between a 6 speed vs. 5 speed. Assuming both can handle the torque and both fit equally well, i.e., without modification to the car.

No particular downside, just no meaningful upside, beyond bragging rights.


My guess is this is the g’box I posted the other day from eBay, and another poster identified it as a ZF box (IIRC) used by BMW.

As far as the question of why you would want a 6-speed with a “torque monster” engine, my answer would be that’s the perfect car to have a 6-speed in. My experience with 6-speeds in modern American cars is it’s designed like a 5-speed, with an extra super-duper tall OD on top of the 5th gear. The one in my friend’s Camaro is something like a 0.50 ratio in 6th gear.

So, with a very torquey engine, you could lay it down at some very reasonable RPM’s if you ever get the opportunity to cruise at 80-85 mph. I’m not saying this is necessary, but I don’t see it as a downside.

My guess is also that when someone looks at the landscape of modern manuals that are candidates for an E-type transplant, most/all are 6-speeds. The T5 variants seem to have been beaten to death, so if someone was looking for a new platform, they were probably pushed to 6-speeds almost by default.


A perfect example, the C6 Corvette.

As a proponent of modern transmissions, again, I ask: How many times do you go down the highway, wishing for a lower rpm? I damn sure didn’t in Tweety: admittedly, he was a 3.07 car, and 75 mph = 2900 rpm.

That said, I maintain that, with the level of tech the XK engine has, a 6-speed will buy you little, except mental dyno strokes (and the mental dyno is one that apparently needs much stroking!), and bench racing bragging rights.

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If the engine has the ability to efficiently utilize an ultra low (numerically) 6th gear I’d love to have it. We do a lot of long distance road trips.

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I have a 5-speed in my ‘65 Mustang with 3.55 gears in the rear end, and a “mild” V8, and there are times when I’ve thought a 6-speed would be “fun”.

But again, I seriously doubt anyone set out to design a 6-speed for an E-type, but options for small, strong, overdrive manual transmissions platform is a pretty limited field to choose from.

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True: the E Type market, for that kind of quite specialized engineering, is pretty small.

Years ago, Lou Fidanza offered a Richmond 6 speed through his company GTJ.
Reports were that it was a very difficult fit.
This was long before Paul C. offered his 5 speed.
I would like to know more about what you’ve found…

The BMW box looks very compact, here is one on the back of a merc sl bell housing.

I think that this is about right. I recall a road test in my youth. A 3 speed manual vs a 4 speed manual in Holden Toranas behind longer stroke Holden sixes. Same 0 to 60mph outcome. I had the 4 speed. One disappointed 18 year old. Expected made no difference overtaking as well, just stay in top. Paul.

Boy, that DOES look small! Any idea on a cost?

hmm, with the bolt lugs hanging out the sides instead of into the face I wonder if an XK BH could be made to work. Then there’s always the issue of shifter position, but it looks short enough that a custom shifter rod could be made if necessary.

This is the “BMW” gearbox that is believed to match the 6-speed kit that is listed on eBay for $10k. It’s a Getrag box.

It would be truly incredible if there are more than one BMW-based, 6-speed kit being developed/marketed for the E-type

Here’s the actual 6-speed gearbox in the eBay ad

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They assert that fits in a SWB E Type?

Call me dubious.