6 SU carbs looks really interesting

This just popped up on my FB page. Anybody seen one before?

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Seen pictures! Getting them all synced?


Heck, getting all the banjos to seal would be the first issue! :sunglasses:

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Must be one of the extremely rare air-cooled prototypes. I don’t see any coolant piping.

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Editorial comments: IMO, it would run awful. It would need some sort of plenum common to at least the front or rear 3 cylinders to make it work. The way it is now, there would only be airflow through the throttle for about 90 degrees out of every 720 degrees of crank rotation. Not even idle air would be present when the intake valve was closed. It would have to transition from zero airflow to matching whatever the engine RPM might be in a fraction of a second. I doubt you could accelerate, stop and dampen the oscillations in the dashpot piston fast enough.


All cleaned up it would look neat though. :smiley:

Apparently it had hot cams and idle was <>3000rpm and IIRC was in a boat.

Are those HD8? If so, probably from a saloon, as they have the tall tops. Obviously over-carbed; HD6 would be classier.

Noticed no water jacket on the intake, but missed the apparent need for some mixing.


Cams could not have been too hot, at least not with the cylinder head in the photo. The lobes on the standard cams pass very close to the edge of the tappet guides. To get much more than the standard lift and duration you have to mill slots in the edges of the guides for lobe clearance. You can only do so much reducing the base circle with the factory geometry.

This guy must have worked at a junkyard. He didn’t even bother trying to find the same model SU for all six.

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I was just looking at the necks and missed it! The two without the vents cast in are supposed to have vents in the caps, right? All the brass caps look the same. Maybe I don’t know what to look for.

It’s too bad he didn’t have access to 6 H4’s. With a balance tube, he probably could have made it at least idle.

I don’t have any photos unfortunately, just hazy memories, but back in Melbourne in the early 1970s I tracked down a rumored Jaguar racing car apparently abandoned in a suburban shed, clearly hoping I had found a C-type or D-type…

But it was a home made special, based on Mark VII Jaguar running gear with a home made racing car body, and indeed the thing I recall the most was that it had six H6 individual SU carburetters fitted on a home made six-branch inlet manifold much the same as that shown in the photo.

Given this photo has been posted by Robin, chances are it is in Australia, so there is some chance its the head off my sighted 1970s special, as all six carburetters look to be Mark VII (XK120) H6 carburetters that show two having the second type Suction Chamber (no rib) and four having the third type Suction Chamber (with rib).
The special I saw was made by Bill Wager, and the car was raced in Victoria in the 1960s referred to as the WAGER SPECIAL or WAGER JAGUAR SPECIAL…

I did a quick Google, but unfortunately “Wager” just brings up all the betting companies who have paid for search result prominence - I really hate how Google is primarily an advertising forum, and not an impartial search engine… is their a better search engine ???

Bing doesn’t return anything useful either, and yes it was an Aussie posting that the photo came from.

Not too difficult to guess the reason we don’t see more of these. :laughing:


That kind of thing became less popular with the advent of Viagra.

But seriously, at least that was an engineered, factory produced effort.

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I would like to see an electronic port fuel injection setup that looked like the DU6 dual throat SU’s!


… YOMANK, dagnabbit!!!


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