60 MK IX Front Seat

I have purchased a 1960 MK IX. The front seat mechanism is seized. I want to try and slowly work the handle but do not know ( without fully removing the seat) which way the handle moves to release.
Can someone advise?

My Thanks in Advance

My 1960 MK IX is an automatic with bench seat. You pull up on the lever which, in turn, pulls two cables routed to the locking rails on each side of the seat

Thanks Pat

Ill give this a try this evening

Just look under the front of the seat and you can see how it works

Does your car have the one-piece bench seat, or the two-piece “bucket” seats? Is the handle you refer to a chrome crank?
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Congratulations to acquiring a really cool car. I bought mine about 8 yrs ago and it has become a real favourite among my XKs, E-types, 420Gs and my father’s okd S-type.
Show us some pictures please
Does it need a lot of work or did you buy a more expensive car, which is ready for the road?

Hi jagbuf,
Actually I would suggest that if you have a front bench seat that you lift the front out of the frame, pull it forward, and remove it, exposing the entire slide mechanism. Then you can use some penetrating oil on it and hopefully free it up.

If you have buckets then you have to remove them to access the slides and mechanisms, a much more challenging operation.

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Tom Brady

So the front bench seat lower cushion will lift off expsoing the seat frame?

Hi Jagbuf,
Yes, simply lift the front to clear the frame, pull forward and lift it out. It’s easier with a helper on the opposite side.

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Tom Brady

Hi Tom, I have a 59 Mk9 and have been trying to establish if the front bench seat squab is fixed to the frame in anyway or does it just sit there? Is yours attached in anyway? Thanks in anticipation.


Hi Brett,
Both front and rear seats are removed by simply lifting the front of the squab past the height of the seat frame, a rolled angle, and pulling forward since they are tucked under the seat backs. No fasteners are involved.

Best regards,
Tom Brady

That’s great - thanks for your response. I’ve had another look and can’t find anything using search regarding the installation of the tanks. I’m struggling to post the topic so wondered if you could assist again - where the rear wing filler meets the top of the tank should there be some kind of joint. In my case the filler is just stuck in the top of the tank with no seal?? Surely this can’t be right.