'61 Mark IX - IL - $12,400

Here are a few more pictures the seller sent me.
It has a skipped/jumped title (ie - the seller’s name is not on the title) if you understand the ramifications of that.

One more pic

I went to check this car out tonight. It’s my opinion that every single item in the brake system will need to be replaced/rebuilt. I don’t think the rotors can even be reused although if you buy this car it might be worth trying to have them turned. The steering system will need some love, all the rubber on the car (hoses, door seals, front and rear windshield seals, window channels, etc) will need to be replaced. I couldn’t see the inside of the fuel tanks but I am assuming they need some attention too.

My plan was to drive it as-is for a few months and over the winter pull the Buick engine and drop something like an AJ16 in it’s place. But I’m not sure that’s feasible.

Shoutout to whoever made the large loop of pipe to join the radiator outlet to the water pump inlet.