61 Mk2 rear axle rebound strap?

Hi. I have an issue with the exhaust system on a 61 Mk2 being pushed down by the rear axle everytime I put the car on the lift. At this point all but one of the rubber muffler mounts has broken.

Is there a rebound strap of some kind that is supposed to limit the amount the rear axle can drop? Or is it possible the shocks are incorrect and they let the rear axle move down too far when the car is off it’s wheels?

BTW the exhaust system is about 25 years old but it is a walker brand OEM style replacement in great shape … Even has an intact sticker that says the correct application.
Thanks ~Mike

I’ve never seen rebound straps on a mk 2

Yeah - I didn’t think that there was either. I’ve been scouring the internet for pics of Mk2’s on lifts and I’ve yet to see one with the rear axle resting on the tailpipe like this one does. I’m kinda leaning toward shocks of incorrect length. They are old but still function okay - no distinguishing marks on them.

Can you show us a photo of the problem?

With best regards

Can’t get a pic till next week sometime. A friend lets me use the lift and he’s got a car on it. But there’s not much to see except for the rear axle resting on the exhaust when the car is on the lift. Exhaust is correct and has the proper hangers on the muffler assembly. The car sits at the right height when on the ground as well.

My car doesn’t do this on my two post. It’s due an oil change this week - I will get a picture while it’s up. Paul

Thanks Paul. I’m really thinking it’s the shocks being wrong cause that’s the only thing that seems to limit the drop. Good to see a pic though.

I’ve had my car up and down on jackstands every week for more than a month and the axle is no where near my exhaust. I have new shocks and leafs tho so maybe just sagging?

Good to know Theo. The more I hear from everyone the more I think it’s shock-related. The springs are old but the car rides at a good height when it’s on it’s feet.