61 xk150 horns inop

Have tested the horns, they are OK. Odd thing is there is power to both wires that hook to the horn when the key is on. Nothing happens when the horn button is pressed. Took the button all apart and cleaned all the contacts. Any ideas? I’m thinking a ground.

Hi Thomas,

The horn push provides the ground path to the horns. The ground side of the horns goes to a Lucar type connection low down on the steering column inside the car - a few inches above the scuttle/firewall on the upper side of the column. Find this connection, remove the wire and ground it out. If the horns work your problem is in the steering column circuit, otherwise check the wiring from the horns to this connection.

If it is inside the column then there a number of possibilities, but I would bet it is the copper contact C.8159 that forms at one end the Lucar type socket and at the other end brushes against a brass ring on the inner steering shaft. This contact allows the steering shaft to rotate whilst maintaining an electrical connection. Note there is an insulator that separates the connector from touching the bodywork above it.

Another possibility is the horn push itself. The horn button assembly is removed by unscrewing the four grub/set screws located on the steering wheel boss, each located between the steering wheel spokes.

This is a start!


Yes, I understand what you are saying as I completely restored this car about 10 years ago. I replaced all the pieces inside the column at that time. I’m thinking that something has come loose or is corroded. The owner does not drive the car much so that is not good. They don’t like to sit around. I have power to the horns so I know it is not the wiring. I was just looking for another opinion and you seem to be on the same track I am with the column. I will try grounding that wire out. Thank You.