62 E, LHD, throttle pedal improvement?

Lots of info and praise for the SNG/Mangoletsi cable conversion, which looks very nice indeed.

But is there a low cost solution, perhaps not so elegant but much less expensive and simple that will offer some addition to leg room?

I am 6 feet tall with big feet and have an original floor mounted pedal and stock linkage that works well but i would enjoy a pedal offering a more extended leg and better foot position.

Any solutions other than the Mangoletsi?

I should add i have footwells added and a small dish behind the seat in this car.
Car #876005, 62 OTS

Buy yourself a pair of offset pedals for both the clutch and a brake. I made mine, but you can buy them from the usuals. It also helps to angle the brake pedal slightly.

Offset brake pedal is nice but I think Layne’s immediate concern is getting farther back from the go pedal. Alas I do not know of an easy fix.

Shoe choice can also matter. I found a pair of what I thought looked like good driving shoes at Big 5. Very thin soles with no overhang on the sides. Turned out they are wrestling shoes and quite comfortable for driving (not so good for walking).

Yep, i have a pair of leather moccasins that are my favorites for a drive. Helps , but still…

Sounds like you guys like the offset brk and clutch pedals. Have thought about that too. Moss sells them. But yes, main issue is that go pedal leg room and foot position.

Anyone just removed the floor pedal and bolted up a pad on the lever coming down from the pedal box? Too stiff?

There is a hanging pedal kit out of England. It might be from Mangoletsi.

Oh, not the full cable conversion? Went to their website but was mostly manifolds not much else. It was the mangoletsimanifolds site of course but did not see another. I’ll try again

I think this is what is being referred to by Mangoletsi


I would use Size 11 climbing shoes (I wear a 12). Terrible for walking, GREAT for driving!

The Mangolotsi site shows one for a right hand drive. Looking at the device it would not be difficult to make one and attach it to the drop link from the box for a left hand drive car.

My experience has always been that if adjusted properly and without worn out ball joints or pivot points, the goofy Rube Goldberg throttle linkage actually works just fine.

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Ray Livingstone modified his accelerator pedal on his 64 OTS - search for his postings on that from a while ago or PM him to ask about it.

I will ck for his posting.

Yes, was looking at my pedal and wondered why that wouldn’t work. Perhaps a mechanical advantage is at work with the “organ” pedal?

Ill look at the RHD pedal on the site, maybe SNG US has it.

I will restate- I do not necessarily want to get rid of the linkage, i want MORE leg room and BETTER pedal geometry/angle/comfort. Shoes are not in play here.

Can someone please direct me to how to send a PM.
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Thank you

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Yes, sounds normal but where do I find someone who is not in this post. A members list? I am not seeing that and I want to send a PM to Ray Livingstone who was referenced in an earlier post in this subject.

well, I did see the Menu at top, went to users, searched for his name but doesn’t come up. Maybe doesn’t use it.

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Got it, came up under Ray not Ray Livingston for some reason. I went to users in the menu, got the list, and then used the search function there. Sent it out. He may post here.


Sorry about the tardy reply, but was on vacation for awhile.

I did exactly that and tried a couple of versions. It just required drilling one extra hole in the pivot arm that hangs down from the pedal box. Definitely not too stiff, and in fact I really preferred the smooth linear feel of the direct hanging pedal, but the issue I found was that it was difficult to get full throttle as the pivot arm is so close to the angular part of the gearbox tunnel that’s it quite easy for your foot to hang up on the tunnel. So I tried a version with the pedal moved further back towards the driver which worked fine, other than the pedal was now about where the standard pedal sits, so too far back for me as like you I was looking to move the pedal forward for more room and to allow for more natural heel/toe with the brake pedal where I have it at the moment. Attached is a photo of my second (rearward) version (with the black paint) alongside a RHD pedal, which is not a bolt-in solution.

Thanks for feedback . However your attempts did not result in a successful outcome sounds like. I see the problem. Hence the factory solution with extension of the pedal by means of the floor mounted pedal behind that unibody member. Otherwise you have to twist your foot around that area. The Mangoletsi must utilize that lower area somehow in order to provide the extra room that is claimed. Must be an offset at work.

Interesting that this topic hasn’t been addressed many times over the years, and that Jaguar never addressed the problem during production. I’ve found that the only way I can comfortably drive my car is with my right shoe removed. I even bought some driving shoes that were supposed to address close pedal placement, but no go. For 50 years, it’s been the most niggling issue on the car.