'62 MK2 Clock adjuster cable

I’ve just had my taco and clock repaired @ http://www.nisonger.com Problem is I don’t have the adjusting cable that plugs into the back of the clock. Without it my only option will be to plug in the power wire at the time the clock is set for. That truly is a PITA. Does anyone out there have a spare they’d give up?

i think i have one from a 65 s type which i would think is the same. ill check. trouble is im in uk.

Gripper, I’ll gladly pay the freigth if no one else speaks up in the next week or so. It can’t weigh more then a few ounces. It should fit in a fairly small box. Let’s see what else might turn up.

By the way, I love your old movies, :+1:

Gripper, doesn’t look like anyone else who read my post has one. Let me know how much you want for it and the shipping cost to zip code 98339 in the US. I’ll send $$ to you via Pay Pal.