'63 mk II - AZ - $3,900

No title, and 35 years in Tucson storage, you KNOW all the leather, vinyl, seals and rubber will turn to dust, once it’s touched?


Who destroys a good car and then only puts 500 miles on it before storing it in a river? Show car, that must mean it was never right after the transplant… just look at the poor thing. I wonder what kind of shows this was dragged to. What a mess!

No title Big red flag…

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doesn’t “look” like any arizona car i’ve seen. whole lotta rust.
almost looks like it was in a flood and was submerged for a spell

This thing is about 3 miles from me but looking at the pics I’m not sure I want to go see it. Just because its Tucson doesn’t mean it won’t rot if you leeave it outside for a long time. This one looks like the windows were left down for 35 years.

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