64 S1 E-type roadster restoration

You took the words right out of my mouth. (cough) :wink:

Thought I had better post an update.
My update is, nothing much to report!
I will have to change the running in oil soon (SAE30), as 500 miles are approaching.
I had a dead ahead feel to the steering which was unusual. Grabbing the top UJ whilst twiddly the wheel revealed some play had appeared. In a new one went and all was good again. This does not require any significant disassembly, it all just slides out. I was able to repair the old one with a £10 UJ kit as opposed to shell out £100 for a complete new joint.
The engine is very smooth and powerful. I had the crank, rods, pistons, clutch and flywheel balanced prior to assembly. This coupled with the head work, cams, 2 inch exhaust with headers and fuel injection has made what could be a very strong unit. It sounds very good and picks up very well so far as I have pushed it.
No rubbing issues from the XWX 215s, so I will keep them I think. No leaks or rattles.
Suspension feels tight.
I will be dropping her off soon for the hood change. Looks like the weather will turn soon, so I have been making the best of it.