64' XK out of " boat" V8 in- possible

I’m also chatting on XK owners, but I am considering removing the XK 3.8, as to repair will cost a fortune,and the money I get for all or the parts of the 3.8 could go towards a more modern cheaper engine.
It’s the bell housing connection being the important bit as the one I have already connects to the outdrive.
Thoughts please
Thanks Rob

Buy an el cheapo 4.2 from an S2/3 XJ6: even here, they’re cheap as chips!

Save the 3.8 as provenance, and when you can afford to rebuild it, it’ll pop right back in.

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Go out so more. Jaguar V12…

Circa 1940. I barely remember An uncle had a runabout. wood planked. Power by an "A’ Ford engine up front. A bunch of pipes and valves to control the cooling water intake. fresh water only. Elephant Butte lake in New Mexico.