65 s type reservac tank

hi all, my 65 s type has a reservac tank but its not piped up. can someone tell me the route of the pipes and where they go through the inner wing to tank on a rhd.

Hullo Robert,

The spares catalogue gives a reasonable idea of the assembly.

I have the same model and am working on this part also. What I found was the tank (a spherical one) was a bit rusted. I acid etched it inside and out and neutralised it with caustic soda. This revealed the pin holes that were crusted over. All leaks must be fixed or it will affect the engine’s tuning.

I had to replace the check valve on top due to internal corrosion or contamination preventing the rubber valve closing. The steel cross tube on the chassis rail in front of the radiator was rusted internally - looked fine on the outside. I replaced this with aluminium tube because it is easier to bend the the turn ups at the ends.

There is a short rubber tube connecting the tank to the tube, and another longer tube on the right side joining to a T piece that connects to the brake servo and the intake manifold. There is no detail of the configuration at the right side so I will be working out relative positions of these parts using the openings in the side of the brake servo mud shield as a guide.

If you need some more information or maybe some pictures, let me know.


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