'66 Mk 10 center dash wiring pic needed

Hi - I’m helping a friend re-assemble his LHD '66 Mk 10 that someone else had torn apart for him. Does anyone have an image of the wiring with the flip-down, center-dash section open? It’s easy enough to figure out how everything is connected with the wiring diagram but I’d love to see how all the wires/harnesses are routed.


Hi, mine is a 1968 420G… there will be some subtle differences (see service manual) but I have discovered that this is remarkably like the Mk2, so I think the differences will be marginal. Anyway, here they are:

IMG_8509 IMG_8510

Have fun!


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Thanks Paul! That helps alot. Can you tell me what the flasher relay is bolted to?

It looks like we’re missing some of the large clips that seem to be attached to the bottom of the flip down panel and appear to hold some large harnesses in that position. would it be possible to get a shot deeper towards the back of the panel so I can see how the big harnesses go through that area?

Thanks again, ~Mike

I am soon to be pulling the harness out of a '66 RHD

have the instrument panel detached and here

I can take a pic of that, if it helps

the flasher relay has a vertical stud to mount on, held down buy a nut

its a tough job, its tight in there, and everything has to be oriented correctly, or there will be problems

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More pics…

IMG_8510 IMG_8517 IMG_8516 IMG_8515 IMG_8514 IMG_8513 IMG_8512 IMG_8509
IMG_8519 IMG_8518

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lol…your 420G wiring looks much tidier than mine

looks to be the same color too, Jaguar Dark Blue ?

does it have a grey & blue interior ?

Crickey! I was comparing this to my 1965 Mercedes and thought this was the perfect bowl of spaghetti! Cant imagine what yours looks like! LOL.

Mine is Jaguar blue with blue interior, no grey.

Thanks much Paul and @awg!
Those pics are a great help Paul!
Tony any pics you feel like taking would be appreciated as well. LHD cars are a little different because of the order of the gauges but some clown pulled this car completely apart before I got it so as you can imagine it’s been a challenge to figure out what’s supposed to go where in the dash.

Also to complicate matters we had to replace a missing harness so it has no natural bends from being in place for 50 years.

Hard to find pics of Mk10/420g center panel wiring. E-type, Mk2 are easy to find but not this big boy… So thanks again guys.

Any time

But I hate to tell you that this is only half of it. The other half is behind the Rev counter and speedo.

No pics as I have not had the need to take those out.


Immensely hard…there was an Aussie guy… Mcgrice I think…search his 420G or MKX full rebuild, altho it may have vanished off the internet

You have struck it a bit lucky, as I am in the process of dismantling a 66 MKX, and I have been systematically preparing to pull the entire harness (and every other piece), so you are just in time to get surgical shots from deep in the bowels

what is the state of the harness on the engine bay side ?

(I am about to pull the engine bay harnesses into the body)

It is also possible I can supply all or most of the missing items that attach the harness etc

I promise if someone pulled it apart, you will be missing things

my wires are not so clean, neat, or brightly colored as yours

several wires are taped of by me and go to whom knows where

there are numerous wires that I have run to power my various modifications

I doubt any auto electrician in the entire world would agree to work upon it.

As I am a tech, I am not concerned, and will eventually tidy up the wiring with handmade harnesses, relays, but keep the original harness, just handling much lower currents

Thanks Tony. The harness on the engine side is getting replaced - I believe my friend already has it.

You’re right, we are definitely missing things… It looks like the metal loops that secure some of the harnesses to the flip down panel itself are nowhere to be found. But for those I was thinking of either using a stainless steel version with the rubber edges that are readily available or sourcing some kind of nylon replacement. Do you happen to have extras of the originals?

I’m going back over to help him this week - should have some better intel about it then. Paul’s pics should provide some invaluable assistance.