'66 pedal/clutch box

Continuing assembly of my car and have arrived at one of those head scratching moments…

As mentioned my car is a '66 Series 1. First picture is my initial fitting of the pedal box before I replace the internal springs and base gasket.

Second photo is from another source showing a late box with the nylon spacer and bosses in the casting to keep the springs located. My box has neither of those features.

Final photo is the base gasket that SNG Barrett supplied for my car ; it would fit the middle photo box but certainly not my car.

The 3.8 boxes are even more different with the bellows servo and linkages instead of the push rods; mine appears to be an interim model but I can’t figure why.

I’m sure Barrett will swap the gaskets out but I’d sure like to know what is going on - this is definitely the unit that came with my car and looks like a friend whose car is about 50 units earlier


The order of the photos is off from the text ; im trying to fix that sorry!

Looks to me like they sent you a gasket for the later-style, combined clutch and brake pedal housing. I think you need the earlier style, which has a separate gasket for the clutch and brake? Looks like they only come in a kit, from SNG. Item #8 in this link -



It looks to me like your pedal box is for an earlier model year. Mine is a 1963 3.8 and my pedal box looks like the one you have. Here is an image from the Parts manual that shows the 3.8 box clearly.

Rob -

Thanks for the reply. My box has both pedals in it; there is no separate casting for the clutch and brake pedals…


John -

Hope you are doing well and thanks for the reply!

Yes, they do look SIMILAR but I don’t think they are the same. The early unit had separate castings for both the clutch and brake (like your car) but mine has both the brake and clutch combined in one casting like the later units. However - it obviously is different that some other 4.2 units I have seen.

Also - If you look at the picture you posted it has a flange on the rear to mount the early bellow style servo; my box does not have that flange on it.

Bit confused by your pictures Ron.
The first is a later 4.2 pedal box.
The second looks like an early 4.2 pedal box.
They have different gaskets.
They are not interchangeable as the cut outs in the bulkhead are completely different.
The master cylinder will fit either though, need to check the push rod lengths.

I see what you mean now. Looks like you are correct this was a transition design before the dual pedal box came into use. James calls this an early 4.2 design, so I’ll defer to him on that point.

Ah - the SNG links I sent are for an S1 3.8, not the 4.2. Looks like it’s the same gasket set for either one though.

Interesting - I didn’t realize there were so many designs.


I found this diagram in the Series 1 4.2 parts catalog. It looks like yours.

Rob -

in the Barrett picture you posted, the casting looks much narrower than mine and only houses the brake pedal.

The bottom of mine is posted below, and it is wider plus contains the clutch AND brake pedal. Also - my pedal has the push rod on it for direct activation of the master cylinder.

Hopefully with everyone’s help this can be sussed out. I’m wondering if my car has an interum box that bridged between the 3.8 and 4.2 setups… OBTW - the blanking plate on my box was there because the last time the car was on the road it was being used with a Ford V-8/Automatic transmission. I suppose it’s possible that whoever did that converstion thought it would be easier to do with the 3.8 footbox but I’m still confused that my box has BOTH pedals inside it; there are not separate castings.

Thank you James and sorry for the order of the photos. I’ve been trying to clean that up with no luck.

HOWEVER - I believe you are onto something in mentioning an EARLY 4.2 pedal box versus a LATER one. And - if that is correct - then I would just need to change out the base gasket thankfully. The manuals do NOT mention any change over, but we do know there was a changeover in many braking areas right around my car. Some of the other changes were brake switch location from the picture frame to the firewall and the front and rear brake pipes into the servo were swapped.

BUT - I’ve not seen any mention of the pedal box having an interim casting.

James - do you have more info/pictures on the “Early/Late” 4.2 castings? Thank you so much for sticking with this topic, I believe you are on a track I was wondering about as both of my pedals are located in the same box.

Regards - Ron

I think the difference may be the SNG diagrams only show either the brake OR the clutch pedal, depending on which assembly I was searching on. If you look at the actual picture of the housing, either in brake or clutch assembly, I get this picture which shows both pedals in the single housing.


BINGO John! It does look like there was an interim box used! Thanks for sticking with this thread my friend!

Hopefully it will only require a base gasket swapout but maybe this will help others with similar '66 cars if we can get this sorted.

Cheers - Ron

Rob -

Thank you again. I wanted to confirm that my setup looks exactly like the Barrett drawing you posted , which is also similar to what John Carey posted from the parts manual.

I’m going to head out to the shop this afternoon and see if there is a part # on the casting and this one should be put to bed if so.

Again - thanks everyone for taking the time to respond. It’s definitely one of those “E-type” things; I REALLY suspect it’s part of the cross-over of the brake changes and they were using up inventory from the earlier boxes…

Here’s a virtual beer…


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In case it helps here is photo I took in 1992 of 1E30821 that I used to own. It had been sitting since 1977 so I do not think had ever been apart. It was titled as a '66 but I believe built in '65.

68 E-type FHC

It sounds like you have this resolved. I’m sorry I did not see your post earlier. I believe I have the same setup as you (30148…early 4.2…build date was Oct 64). Here’s before and after shots in case they are helpful. The gasket set was SNG and the cylinder rebuilds were White Post. If you need more detail, let me know. One additional detail you may need to know, is the boot on the clutch master is often too thick and prevents insertion of the cylinder into the housing bore. If you run into that, I can probably help you out.

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

Hi Rick -

Actually your photos are very handy because I’m trying to re-assemble the springs and I didn’t have enough dis-assembly photos so thank you!!

Regards - Ron James rjamesohio@yahoo.com Cell: 937-271-5697

Here’s a better shot of the spring area.


I also have an early 4.2 car with that pedal box. It’s handy to have both 3.8 and 4.2 parts manuals as you are likely to find a few other things that don’t match the 4.2 specification.