67 FHC rear quarter glass weatherstrip

Has any genius managed to fit the weatherstripping for the rear side windows on a series 1 FHC? What the factory calls the “no draft ventilators” that are hinged at the front? It appears that the strip is intended to run in a channel around the opening?


Hello Jim,

and Yes.

The Seal (BD20500) should have what looks like a “T” section on the backside of the Seal. This section fits into a channel that is pop riveted to the Quarter Window opening in the body. The method I use is to fit one leg of the top of the “T” into the channel and then press the other leg into the channel using a Minus Driver with a circa 8mm wide blade. The process is the same as when eating an elephant; one bite at a time till finished.



The aftermarket seals are often to hard and cause problems. The originals were foam filled and softer.

The seal needs to be oriented the correct way with the long part outward all around.

It’s shown in the factory parts list.

Hey, thanks. Seems to be reluctant to go in, but can be done…

Yup, slow going, but looks promising so far. The car is on xkedata.com.
chassis 1E33242. No recent pictures, but the door hardware and window
glass is now installed plus the interior is ready to be trimmed. Many
tnaks for your help!

Jim B