67 S1 Roadster Door Card Fit

I’m trial fitting all door fittings prior to blasting/priming/paint. The trimmed door card is fractionally too big … so I have an overhang of about 3 mm in both dimensions to accommodate. So looking for input … seems like shut face or sill overhang could get me into interference trouble, but encroaching on front top trim area (small bent piece of trim over drain hole), wouldn’t look right either. Maybe just “spread it out”. What do you think guys? Thanks. Roger

There are so many clips holding that “spreading it out” is unlikely to happen. It’s just going to kind of end up where it ends up. I would do a trial fit with all the clips attached, if you haven’t already. If you still have the overhang, then loosen the foldover, put it back on the door and mark it the edge of the board with pencil. Pull back the vinyl enough so that you can go at it with a sanding block or belt sander to pare it back to the pencil line. Then reattach the vinyl.

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I had to do as Erica described on my 67 2+2, to get a good fit.

Thanks Erica and Ferris. I have not yet installed all the clips, so that’s the first step. That said, and with a sample size of three, clearly the door trim cards can be oversized. So I’ve got some grinding to do!!
Thanks again guys!

Be advised that the fit at the top, where the 2 chrome strips are, and with the door cap, has the least adjustment capability. Be sure the door card is placed correctly to get a good fit there and then evaluate the bottom and rear edges for trimming. I find that once I get the door card where it needs to be, you will be rotating the clips to allow them to meet the holes punched in the door.