67 series one coolant hose kit

Any recommendations out there for a good hose kit?
Been chasing little leaks, kind of at the point of just replacing all of the hoses

Just as a general statement, you might want to consider replacing your clamps as well as the hoses. SNG sells the hoses, which I’ve had no problems with. They also sell a clamp set. Not Cheney clamps, Jubilee I believe, that look sort of period correct, albeit with hex heads on the tightening screws. You can really crank down on them.

Personally, I think silicone hoses and such are over hyped, for this application. I can’t recall the pressure rating on your system but it probably less than 10 psi, which is not much of a challenge.

As an aside, the header tank can rot from within and start to seep/leak. The fitting at the end of the carb manifold, that feeds the heater hose, seems to suffer from galvanic corrosion. Same for the long metal tube that traverses under the inlet manifold, ending up at the water pump.

Is your radiator original?

In summary, if I wanted to bullet proof the coolant system, there are a lot of things beyond hoses that I would be looking at.

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My car had new Kevlar hoses on when I bought it. Gradually they started to leak, decay, and in one case burst. Fortunately the burst was after shut down in the garage. I have been replacing the kevlar hoses with silicone hoses. They look better and none of them has failed so far.

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Hi Chris, I know very little about hoses but Kevlar is generally known as a robust material. I would be cautious about throwing the general category of Kevlar hoses under the bus. Kevlar hoses are undoubtably not pure kevlar but rather a matrix of kevlar and “rubber” (or whatever substitute was used). Like a lot of things, the devil is in the details.

When I needed hoses I went here and then tracked down the suggested substitutions at a local auto parts store.

for 4.2’s prior to Series II:


and for Series II:

The car has a New aluminum radiator and electric electric fan and the coolant tank is new as well

Not expressing an opinion, just telling you all what happened with my car. YMMV.

Understand. Thanks.

So-called Kevlar hoses are about the same as forged carbon fiber: both of them pretty much bogus.

I fell for the Kevlar hose BS back when I first put Tweety on the road, in 2009, and they didn’t last more than about four months. I went back to standard stuff I found at NAPA and that’s what I sold the car with in 2016.

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