679526 shim under follower replacement

While the shim measurements are done and proper shim in place setting up the distributor is vital to aligning the cams with cam alignment tool. Beginning with TDC compression stroke the rotor should point to which tower on the distributor cap and where is that tower positioned on the cap?

Currently the rotor points toward the starter. I am wanting to determine if the rotor is pointing to the right spark plug tower in the distributor cap or is the distributor not set into the engine properly?

I appreciate any assistance to my understanding. Thank you.

This thread from last month covers it.

I currently have the crank in position. I cannot tell about the distributor off set. The distributor doesn’t pull out as directed in the manual. I cannot see there is anything holding it in. I have removed the bolt holding the distributor in place located on the left side.

Is there something else I should know?


I will jump in…there are some unknowns re Maddy’s set up at present. A “pickle”, as you may recall, some time ago, while in the valve shim adjust process Maddy became uncertain if she had set the engine at #6TDC on compression…at this moment she was part way into unattaching the cams from the chain sprockets: .one cam REMOVED from the chain sprocket but IN place, cam bearing caps on: …the other cam still in place and ON the chain sprocket. Maddy decided to re-check for TDC and to turn the engine…she did this with the starter motor. SO…what happened…would it be the case, that the cam side OFF the sprocket but in place would have some valves on that side OPEN…and stationary in that way: , while the engine and the other fixed cam still on the sprocket all turned and moved as in operation, valves opening/closing. UH OH…valve interference ? So I feel task one…now…is with both cams out…removed…that would mean all valves closed…try to blow air thru the spark plug holes…just by mouth and a hose…and try to determine a difference if any. If valve damage, air flows easily, with valves all closed, then the head will have to come off. Lets leave that part for a moment: …since one cam turned, one did not…the entire cam timing will need to be reset…: refinding #6 at TDC (and both valves closed), , #1 TDC exhaust open) making the distributor rotor be firing #6. But that gets ahead of the “now” task, which is to try to determine if valve damage from the engine turn at inopportune moment. The we can get pack to the distributor drive dog line
up with thick side of offset toward block, the drive dog line horizontal to engine block etc…can be done now, no harm…but lets find out if the head needs to come off for valve work. Does this make sense as I have described it so far…> Nick