'68 E type - southern california



What ARE these people smokin?

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Compared to some of the stuff with serious rot and those asking prices, is it that terrible? Heck a new body shell alone is that much

I have 2 E-Types (62 OTS & 69 Coupe) and KNOW them well. E-Types are not an XJ6 or XJS (whose value is miserable);therefore, if the XKE is reasonably solid, the price is very fair. He WILL sell the car at or close to the asking price! Sometimes a converted car will bring much more because the general public wants simplicity and dependability;therefore, are willing to pay!

No, I am not the owner!

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If they want simplicity and dependability, they won’t be making a lumped E-type a priority. Maybe if they’re trying to save money.


EveryThing is overpriced - by about 10x’s
a gallon of gas, the minimum wage, a hamburger
It looked pretty good to me.
I really like the series III e types but it would have to have a small block SomeThing
and it seems like a stick shift would be fun - O, 'and working ac

For that kind of money I would expect an LS engine and at least a Whipple if not a Procharger.

If it’s solid, it’s got suspension, frames, brakes, rear end etc. source an engine and tranny and build it back to original. I don’t see a real big issue. Now I didn’t look closely on a big screen, but gaps and fitment looked ok
Edit: the right side bonnet gap needs some work