68 Jaguar XKE droptop

i think i just threw up a bit…
definitely not mine… lol

It’s back! And for sale again!


If you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, isn’t that a sign of insanity?

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Outta my budget by a long shot. I could livewith it just fine. did not ruin a good original. Fabulous imaginaton and great skill to buildit. I gusesed Toronado or eldorado involvement Slick

Every time I see this… this… “car,” it makes me wanna to bad things to the builder.

Why, he made it from junk!!! Taste is ? but, tis a subjective thing.

all kinds of cars for all kinds of people
looks well thought out and executed
I’d be embarrassed to drive it
It could be featured in a kid’s super hero tv show

That’s just wrong. And the TPI intake backwards? What?