68 radio help required

K&H Upholstery called me today.
Car is done, but they cannot get the radio console installed.
I cannot find a good picture of it in position.
Can someone post a picture for me.
The originality books/ judging guide is too vague.
The good news it flatbeds back Thursday for final adjustments. Car is gorgeous.

The likely issue is the thickness of any soundproofing/underlayment they used under the carpet. Most shops unfamiliar with E types have trouble with this as they use materials thicker than the factory did. And therefore the console won’t sit down properly on the tunnel to allow it to fit under the dash and line up with the mounting holes.


Where is the shop located? Literally, I am asking for a friend!


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Certainly that is a possibilty. Thank you.

K&H is in Garden Grove, Ca.

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Do you have factory air? photo of my 69.

It does not have A/C.

Here is my ‘68, original everything I believe (OK, I did recently replace the ratty looking Choke face plate):

I just took the picture in my garage, let me know if it would help to take a better picture tomorrow with real light getting under the dash.

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Perfect. Thank you.
I will run down this morning and show them this thread. Thank you to everyone.

Hey, that’s my hometown !!!

And K&H is only two miles from our house.

I will be there at 3pm today.

They have 2 Es that just came in.

A XK140 was wrapping up when I brought in the 68.

A few more days of test and tune, then install bonnet.
Thanks to all who responded.

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nice. whose upholstery kit is that?

Not a kit. Installed by K&H in Garden Grove.
They Do sell kits to vendors and on Flea Bay.

can you post a couple of good pic of the door cards. IMO the hardest thing to get to look good in the interior…material wise…I know other things are harder to cover.


Keep in mind the chrome and door pocket is one year only.( I’m told).
For the door lever pocket I bought series 2 inserts, and cut the door inside skin 1/2" to clear.
Not a big crime. It works. Looks stock.

Interior is matched to original gray per build plate.
The top is blue, the original was white. :flushed:
Opalescent blue is original, but resprayed 25 years ago with 5% more metallic.


looks great.
paint stood up well.