69 E conv top securing bolts

what are the parts numbers for the securing hardware for the conv top? series1/2.
where it attaches to the body behind the seats.
pics would be helpful too.

The bolts that attach to the body are welded to the pivot brackets, parts BD19458 and BD20657. They are held on with nuts, flat washers, and lock washers, forget the size. The roof itself is held on to the brackets with bolt BD19160. The remaining pivot bolt that goes to the body is BD19393.

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The latest iteration of the SNGB catalogue Download Here Is incredibly comprehensive. When you see my replies quoting part numbers I have usually got them from it.

What’s more, as a PDF, you can search for a part number and it will take you straight there. The beauty of this is that you will find all the associated parts with the one you searched for, even if they are not shown in the diagram. So if you know the part number for the hardtop, for example, you can find all the other bits easily.

Even if you never buy from SNGB it’s an excellent resource.

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