69 xke restoration

You probably know this, but check the oil in a dash pots.

Great stuff Jay ……gotta be happy with that!

Check filter and the inlet screen to each bowl. Sounds like fuel starvation or as Bill said, no oil in the dashpots

And if you didn’t change anything but the filters (settings, needles…) it will now run lean if the filters let more air in.

Deciding on interior color for the car. I am currently trying to decide between biscuit or dark red. I borrowed a couple of dark red interior pieces from a friend to get a better idea of what it would look like.
Thoughts ?



Based on what I’ve seen so far on the upholstery whoever did it gets an A-plus, that’s a beautiful job…

It’s obviously a personal choice but I would go with biscuit.


With your blue? Red or black

That dark red with the blue is striking.

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Ah, the bonnetless first drive…

Aint it a grand feeling? Congrats!


If you’re doing a light blue car you should do a dark blue interior. That’s what I did.
This image doesn’t show much of the interior, but it’s the first one I came across from a car show today.


Hey Jay…… have you thought about a mid Royal to navy blue …… it would be subtle ……. But there again if you want to be a bit out there the Red would certainly do that ……. Because the car is pale blue you need a strong deep colour in the interior in my view ……but remember what ever you do needs to be your choice ….it’s your car and your choice …and whatever you decide is fine.

Robert I was thinking about the quality of the job that was well done…

That car is looking stunning; I love the blue. My choice would be dark blue upholstery, although I put bone leather in my light blue 3.8 and it looked pretty good. Just hard to keep clean, but it was a daily driver. As mentioned, it’s your car, your choice.

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I am in CA so not looking for dark interior. If I was somewhere cooler I would stick with the black. At this point it’s Biscuit or Red and i am leaning towards the Biscuit as I think it will compliment the light blue better.


Ok so what about the piping being a contrasting blue?

When I tore the car down, the only thing I disposed of (I know I’m an idiot) was the rear seat armrest panels, as I thought they had been added by the previous owner and were not original to the car.
So today I started making those panels as they are needed to have the interior fit correctly when I finally order and install the interior.


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What colour is the car?
Interior is light blue but exterior looks like it’s white…?
I either case, I would vote for Bisquit.

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That red with the light blue is spectacular. So Jealous. Tried to custom order something similar on my Boxster and my wife talked me out of it. Have never forgiven myself or her for that!

i would go w tan. the dark pumpkin shade.