70 E type Cam/Head Identifications

So I just started talking to prospective engine builders about rebuilding my cylinder head and questions came up about if the head, or at least the cam shafts were original/proper. First was the question about the cam . The builder seemed to think some later engines had 4 bolt vs 2 bolt couplings. My head has 2. There is a stamping in the valve valley on the trans end that I cannot read. It looks like it might be GE259. The block matches the car 7R-9760-9. From what I see and investigation of parts books and manuals it looks like probably the right cam to me.

With regards to the camshafts, read this article from @Dick_Maury - Camshafts. With regards to the GE259 stamping at the bellhousing end of the cylinder head valley, this is a Head Sequence Number that is believed to have been used by the factory to track heads through the manufacturing process, but was not recorded on the build ledger, so is of no real value in your case. The factory stopped stamping the engine number on the cylinder heads well before your 1970 engine was built, so it’s hard to be sure that a head matches the block for these later engines.

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Hi John…have a look here…good info on heads…Steve inetogether : Jaguar E-Type : XK engine differences, 1963 v. 1979

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David…Thanks GREAT article. Told me pretty much everything I needed to know to make an educated guess if my heads are original to the engine. FYI here is a summary of what I figured out:

I did some more research on my head and camshaft. Below is a link to a great article on identifying cam shafts that was forwarded to me.

If accurate I believe the head probably was original to the engine.
Although a 70 model the car it was built in December 69. That means the engine would have probably been built sometime earlier in 1969. From looking at the cam it appears to match the middle camshaft in the article adapted sometime in 68 and probably used through at least 69. The cams do not have oilers on back of the cam lobes as earlier engines and appears to have the identification ring on the front of the cam flange. In addition I checked the camshaft drive sprockets. They match the scalloped ones adapted in 1968 and were dropped when they went to the 4 bolt cams.

Thanks and have a Great Weekend!

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Now just to figure out what the actual part numbers are for the exhaust and intake cams for my potential engine builder. .