70 Roadster Dissassembly ..Rear Bulkhead Covering

Im Having a hard time trying to remove the covering from the rear bulkhead to the floor. I can’t find any assembly drawings. Is it just glued in and do i just tear it out best I can or is there an actual process?
Any advice or direction is appreciated.

AFAIR, it is just glued.

That’s some monster glue! Same thing on the light bar I asume

Buy a good scraper from your local hardware store, paint store or home center. It is like a putty knife, but much stiffer, and with a sharp edge. Removing the Hardura, padding and adhesive requires lots of elbow grease.

thanks , what is the
Hardura though?

Hardura is the vinyl material covering the area in question, as well as the boot floor, several under-dash areas, and other “interior” places.

If @johnrmclean is referring to the material covering the vertical face of the bulkhead, I don’t think it is hardura - at least it wasn’t on my Series 2. It was simply vinyl with a thin foam behind it, just like the covering of the inner sills. The horizontal/sloping part on top of the bulkhead is hardura - ie it is an embossed PVC coated felt. Either way, the removal method is the same - a scraper and lots of elbow grease…