700R Transmission

I just bought a 86 XJ6 with the GM 350 and 700R transmission. I am more familiar with the GM 400. In all the gears, it has a rather soft shift. The 2nd gear will flare if I press the throttle hard or give it a lot of gas. My mechanic says there is no adjustment on the 700. Any help or suggestions appreciated! The fluid level is correct and is a bright red.


Whose kit is on the 700R to install, I wasn’t aware of Jaguar using them?

Change mechanics, then Google GM700R4. I like BowTie Overdrives

Great transmission, but it needs to be adjusted to run with the rear end. The reason I ask is that John’s Kit is pretty specific about setup.

If someone just transplanted one without doing a proper setup you may experience some expensive problems.

These transmissions are favorites of hotrodders, as they will take a lot of horsepower. They wotk nice in Jags too.

if it IS a 700R4 then it should have a TV cable(throttle valve), it should be agjustable , tighten cable increases shift pressure and raises shift point MPH!
i have one and it us great been 25yrs still runnin fine! overdrive makes hi way cruisin fast and quiet!

“adjusted to run with the rear end” ? Why would the trans care as to the rear end?

Aye, I recall that John has opined that the 700 r has OD and if the car has a 2.88 ratio, it might be a too high final ratio for the torque of the IL 6.

But, others have done it and are pleased, even if .70 x 2.88 !!

The SBC’s can handle the .70 OD x 2.88 just fine.

My LT1 does with the 4L60E. A close relative to the 700r.


Greetings All,

“Adjusted to run with the rear end” should read, adjusted to the rear end ratio.

Go to BowTie Overdrives and read their article.

Read, re-read, then read again all the tech on Bow-Tie Overdrives. My 700R4 is paired to a 3:54 Power-Lok. Could have went with the 3:90. :crazy_face:

The Bow tie site sends me elsewhere. subscription needed, I chose not!!

So, if you think the Rear cares?/ so be it !