'71 Choke Cable Knob

Hi All,

How can I tighten the choke cable dash pull knob? It currently has a very small bolt with a lock washer and nut that holds it onto the choke cable. Maybe this is not OE, and this is why the pull knob keeps coming loose when the choke cable is pulled out during engine warm up?

Also, when the knob becomes loose, it interferes with the choke label that resides about the choke pull knob. When this happens, it actually pulls the label out of the dash.

Help! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Is your car a 6 or 12? On my 1971, 6 the choke “knob” or lever is a piece of cast pot metal that attaches to a steel arm with a small screw. This small screw tends to loosen up. Blue loctite is your friend here. There was also an anti rattle lock washer used similar to photo below. You also need a 90 degree screwdriver to access the screw head IIRC.
If the knob is too close to the dash you could use a washer to space out the knob.Lock Washer, Bolt 1/4, Carbon Stl, PK100

Thanks Bill! The XKE is a 6. I will check to see if there is a anti rattle lock washer, I dont think there is.
Also, I am sure that I didnt put any blue lock tight on it.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Bob, I’m not clear on what is loose. The knob is secured to a short bracket by a pair of screws, that bracket is then attached to the operating arm by a pair of rivets.

The replacement knobs are excellent (I got one from Terry’s) and are easily riveted on.

Hi Geo,
The knob that you show in your picture is the one that I am referring to as being loose. It currently has x1 small bolt with a nut holding it in place. This bolt continues to become loose.
You mention riveting it on? Can you share the rivet part number, size? I dont recall seeing rivets that small.
Thanks, Bob

The rivets go through the two holes in the above pic (and through the operating arm).

I also thought I would need very small rivets to replace mine but the replacement had 1/8" holes and the holes in the arm were only slightly under 1/8" so I drilled them and used common 1/8" Pop rivets.

This was all done with the works still in situ.

I don’t know what bolt and nut you indicated. Maybe this will help.

Looks like the original arrangement used small rivets to attach the knob. I think you’d really need the arm and knob on the bench anvil to set those rivets, hence my decision to use Pop Rivets™:

Hi Geo, great picture, thank you!
Any chance you can take a picture of the other side? I am curious how far out the other side of the rivet sticks out.
I have 2 rivet guns, one is small enough to do this job in place.

Thanks again, Bob

Are you old enough to recall the TV show You Asked for It! ?

Did I file that down after I did it? Or did I shorten the rivet before installing? I wish I could remember.