71 XJ6 Bent Valves


Thank you for the numerous suggestions about the question of bent valves in the 71 XJ6. Despite all the help that was offered, I have decided to place the car on the market and let some more enthusiastic Jag-lover solve the puzzle.

I have been dealing with this issue for at least a year, I recognize that the extended time is, to some degree, a function of my lack of knowledge and experience with regard to the engine innards. I want to thank all those who took the time to suggest procedures and solutions, may time and many multiple emails.

I had the 73 XJ6 out yesterday, it has turned warm in Pennsylvania, USA and I actually DROVE THE CAR. I had almost forgotten that these cars are a method of conveyance as well as a time sync.

Seriously, I have been playing with this problem for a long, long time and I would like to actually enjoy the car for a change.

You will see an ad shortly for it in the Classifieds. It could be a good car for someone with technical knowledge. Only 44,000 miles, never abused. I’ve owned it for about 41 years. Some rust, but I have
The pieces to weld in.

Thank you again.

Now you can tell me how to repair my 73 XJ6. There’s a lot of gobbledygook under that bonnet that I have never seen before. :slight_smile:



Lou, I owned a 71 that finally rusted out. I replaced it with a 73. There is indeed a lot of gobbledgook. My solution was to “restore” the 73 engine to the specs of the 71. That was done, mainly, by removing the 73 stuff that wasn’t on the 71–gulp valve, EGR, anti-run-on solenoid etc.

I mention this because you might want to do this while your 71 is nearby to serve as a guide.


Thanks for the encouragement. Seems like we traveled down the same path. :slight_smile:

The thought you expressed about restoring the 73 to 71 specs crossed my mind. And I may take that path someday in the future. But right now, I want to focus on getting all the pieces of the 71 back in place and putting it on the market. And, right now I am enjoying a unique and different experience than I have not felt in years….I am driving a Jaguar. :slight_smile:

So the plan is putting all the parts back in their place on the 71, and then sending it on to a new home. With only 44,000 original miles, the engine may be a candidate for transplant to a good body.