'71 XKE S2 OTS - Bonnet Beading

Hi All,

In the process of installing the beading for the bonnet.

Question, Do I cut the beading back to the arrow on the picture? If not, it seems to interfere with the headlight chrome cap.

Comments? Thanks, Bob

Certainly looks too long to me bob. I would think all you need to do is cut it back to be just short of the eyebrow.

Bob, when I did mine on my 69 FHC I cut it back to where you show it in the photo. About 1/2’ under the headlight chrome cap, otherwise the cap doesn’t fit properly. I also carefully slightly enlarged the the cap area that fits over the strip to make it fit flush.

Nice paint!
Dennis 60 OTS


I did my strips the way Les and Andy suggested.

Thanks Andy and All. Just wanted to confirm before I cut and regret…
Regards, Bob

Yes cut it back so it sticks under the cap a little bit. I chose to slightly crush the bead where it fits under the cap. I experimented with the cut off piece before doing it on a good piece. Bending the Cap seemed too risky to me as it might crack the chrome

Hi Bob, Just did this 2 weeks ago. The eyebrow should be loosely fitted. the beading is then inserted about half an inch beneath the its protrusion, then cut ( Dremel ) the over hang on the rear edge of the bonnet. Don,t forget to put some anti corrosion oil in the bonnet seam, …protect from drips .beneath.

Fitted new upper wish bones today. Will attempt to raise the front a half inch or so, tomorrow.
Take care guys.

Hi John,

Also, in terms of install order… do I install the chrome half rings first, then the headlight eyebrow?

Headlight chrome rings first, then eyebrow, but don’t bend over the tabs, then the bead, then bend all the tabs. I suggest you use some double stick foam tape to keep the vinyl in place under the chrome half rings in the area under the eyebrow, lots of photos show the vinyl out of place under the eyebrow.

Thanks Bill!

Ok, learning something new… Vinyl under the rings and eybrow???

I dont recall these in the parts manual? Can you please share the part numbers so that I can order?

Also, any tricks to bend the 1/2 rings in order to fit better? My rings dont fit well. My friends bonnet is new. The 1/2 rings are OE, but have been rechromed. This may be the worst combination… Rechromed, so thicker than OE and the bonnet is new, so the bumpers have never been fit prior.

Any help, suggestions are greatly appreciated,
Thanks, Bob

The chrome trim on the HL scoup is seated on a half inch wide rubber strip. I think this has been refrered to as “plastic”.Maybe because it gets quite stiff with age. I can relate to that !!.