'71 XKE S2 OTS - Bonnet Ground Wire Question

Hi All,

I have assembled the bonnet wiring and lighting on the bench. Next step is to plug it in to ensure that all works properly prior to install into the bonnet.

Question… there is a small ground wire that is within the braided section. It is a short piece and I am curious as to what is may be for?

I have accounted for all wires, grounds and all is plugged in and continuity checks completed. This is currently an extra wire that I am just curious as to what it may be for. Thanks, Bob

I would think one would be for the side marker light ground and the other one for the front turn signal ground.

Bob, Here is one that is original- I see the back wires joined at the junction block. I also recall one was grounded to the bonnet.

I’m in the process of rewiring the bonnet in my car and came across this old post.
For what it’s worth, I am presuming that the extra black wire is used to daisy-chain two separate terminals on the connector block, which would provide additional bonding points for ground wiring.

Each block connector provides 4 connections. Daisy-chaining 2 connectors would yield a total of 6 connections for ground wires.
Thinking about the required ground connections, I come up with the following for the Left Hand side of my Left Hand Drive car:

  1. Ground to Frame
  2. Ground to other side of Bonnet (I.e. Left side to Right side connection)
  3. 8-Way Plug Connection
  4. Headlamp Ground
  5. Turn Signal Ground
  6. Fog Light Ground (?) (I’ve not seen a photo of the Fog Light option)

- Tom -