'71 XKE S2 OTS - Rubber Seal Front of Window Frame

Hi All,

Which way does the rubber seal go in the front of the window frames? The seal has one insert section wider than the other. See pictures below. Also, how far down the frame does the rubber go? Thanks all! Bob’

Huh, just replaced mine a few months ago, never noticed there was a difference, seem to work ok though.

Come to think of it I seem to recall Dick Maury had a car with it installed the wrong way around a couple of years back, hopefully he will comment.

Hi Les,

Thanks for your post.

Dick are you out there? Any recall on the correct position of the rubber seal?

Others, your assistance is appreciated.

Thanks, Bob


the thinner side is pointing outwards. This, when closing the door, makes the lip seal against the a-pillar in an outward fashion. Here pictures. (not my car) IIRC the seal ends where the channel goes in the door body, but I will check that the garage since I can‘t find a picture yet.

Thanks Martin for this information. This is of great help!
Regards, Bob


Have to also clarify… Does the chrome hockey stick only go under the top of the window seal, not the bottom?
Many thanks! Bob

Correct, under the outer flap. Thinking about how far the seal with the flap should go downwards, I recall there being a slit where the flap ends up in, so it should be obvious if you look at the door. I‘ll add a picture here once I get back to the garage. The felt goes all the way down to accommodate the lowered glas pane.

Here the bottom end of the seal with the lip, original 1970. From top of chrome to bottom of the slit is 13“. Mine seems to have shortened over the years.

Here my original 1980 lip seal with a seemingly slightly different form than your replacement.