'71 XKE S2 OTS Windshield Pillar Chrome Trim

Hi All,

Getting ready to install the windshield pillar chrome trim pieces…

How do these pieces get installed with the windshield top end cap?

Does the end cap go over the pillar chrome along with other pieces?

Not sure this would work on my friends XKE that I am reassembling?

Maybe if I cut the windshield rubber seal so that it does not “stuff” under and into the top cap piece?

Comments? Thanks! Bob

Nice job on the bottom piece!

Yes the cap goes over everything. You want to trim the seal about 1/16"-1/8" above the pillar. Use lots of soapy water as usual. If need be you can use a razor to pare the tip of the seal so it’s a little smaller and fits easier into the cap. You can use the screw to suck it down but stop if it’s taking a lot of force or it will split the cap. It’s not a bad idea to stick a sliver of rubber into the top of the cap where it has that raised bulge as water can get in that way.

To the extent possible you ideally want the seal flap to cover the edge of the vertical piece. You’ll likely need to use some adhesive and your fancy clamps on the bottom of the hockey stick to get it to sit very flat against the lower trim.

Thanks Erica!!!

This was a challenge!!!

Seems obvious that the top cap fits over all. Just had to make 110% sure as this is a lot to “stuff” under this cap.

It cant be any more difficult of a job as the lower windshield trim piece!
Many thanks!

Erica and All,

I have read many posts on how to attach these two hockey stick windshield A-pillar chrome pieces…

What is the current consensus - screws or pop rivets?

Thanks, Bob

Mine are pop rivets. No idea if that’s original or not. But it already had 1/8" holes so that’s what I had to go back with. If you use them, try and find shallow flat ones so they don’t interfere with the door chrome.

Thanks Erica!

1/8 inch x ? flat pop rivets? What depth? 1/16"?
Thanks, Bob

Depth, like the shank? The pillar is hollow so it isn’t critical, 1/4 or 3/8 long should work

Thanks Erica,

The chrome pieces that I am working with have x2 holes towards the top and x2 at the bottom. Is this correct? The holes are open at the bottom of the body A-pillar, but closed at the top. This is due to body work and paint. Want to make sure that x2 are needed at the top.
Thanks, Bob

Mine have just one at the top, and two at the bottom, like a triangle. If the seal covers the hole, you can easily omit the second one