'76 CARB Catalytic Converter options?

Register in another state? I am in discussions with a golf buddy with a vacation home in Az. to adopt me. This seems the fastest way to establish residence. Back up plan! :grinning:
Nightmare? Yes… it has been. But, with ROM, CA-compliant catalyst and a pair of Strombergs freshly in hand and the below donor engine components due in 6 days, I am going to press ahead!
And good eye! She seems to also be missing her Anti-Run valve, and carbon canister (which mounts in front of left front tire?). And please let us find all the fuel tanks’ vent tubing is still there…

We got this! :+1:

The Magnaflow CARB-approved catalysts. Note the lasermarked CARB info on the cat body. Pretty small - 4" x 9". Smaller yet, the active honeycomb inside is 4" diameter x only 4" long. Should tuck in nicely somewhere around the 700R4 transmission in the car. Kudos to Magnaflow for paying for return shipping on the rear cat, used only for later fuel injected cars.

I sure admire your perseverance, Bob - and your fearless attitude to nightmares…:slight_smile:

The anti-run-on valve (‘left’ front wheel well indeed) is probably not part of the emission inspection - it has nothing to do with emission, But the valve is operated electrically by the ign key in ‘off’ - a wire (fused) from the key to the valve via the relevant oil pressure switch. Which ‘makes’ with oil pressure from a turning engine. The valve then connects carbs, suitably fitted with nipples, to manifold vacuum.

Also check how the air pump connections on the head were sealed. Normally screws were used, easily reconverted.

It’s unlikely the PO did much to the closed tank vent system - apart from removing the canister (right front wheel well), supposedly, though conflicting placing is indicated; sometimes ‘left’ front - otherwise occupied by the anti run-on valve? Something to do with a car model/year which maight have had both…?

Easiest would simply be to remove the canister itself and disconnect the easily accessible hoses to the engine. Removing the fuel separators in the C- pillars would be pointless, and removing the tank hoses to the separators difficult and also pointless. One would have to remove the tanks to access the separator return hose - and these two hoses joins to one above the rear cage. You can but inspect and hope for a lazy PO…:slight_smile:

Good luck!

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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I do have a couple of NOS mufflers for an XJ6C if it helps. Send me a message if you are in need.

Thank you. My exhaust system gets the cat converter installed on Monday. I think my mufflers are OK, but I’ll know more then.

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Sounds good

Exhaust Shop refused to install my Magnaflow #337305 CARB Cat. The Executive Order lasered on it (D-193-102) indicate its part of a PC-2 system (More than 1 Cat per exhaust bank, like the '78+ fuel injected XJ6’s). Our '76 and '77 carbureted XJ6’s are PC-1’s. The car would fail Visual Inspection with this cat. (And likely be “under-catalyzed”, if that’s a thing. It is pretty small.)

According to the official CARB “Aftermarket Catalyst” database used by Magnaflow, Walker Exhaust and my Smog Shop, 3 PC-1’s are approved - but all 3 are no longer available!

Next step in the process? Engage the Smog Referee, who will provide alternative cat(s) and an exemption sticker for the door (or so we thought.) But to engage the Smog Referee, we first have to fail a Smog Check… so I did. Failed Visual Inspection for “Missing” Catalytic Converter (Passed everything else on the Visual. Ignore the Gross Polluter tailpipe emissions, she wasn’t ready yet for that test.)

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I call CARB and explain the situation, a week later an official Smog Referee calls me back. (From a Private or Blocked Number. They call you, you don’t call them.) "Happens a lot - wrong database in use. There is a special database for Pre-OBDII Catalytic Converters Verification.

And, there is a different process during inspection - the technician verifies the EO number is in the list as a PC-1, that is it. There is not a check for this specific vehicle application on the EO’s list of vehicles. See page 40 of the Smog Hand Book. "
For OBDII Equipped Vehicles, inspectors shall use the EO number and corresponding part number to verify the part is approved for use on that specific vehicle configuration (e.g., year, make, model, engine, GVWR, fuel
type, etc.). To conduct this verification, inspectors must check the ARB EO Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Database located on the ARB Web site. Each EO contains a catalog listing the applicable vehicles.
For Pre-OBDII Vehicles, inspectors shall use the EO number to verify the CAT falls within the correct vehicle category- PC-1, PC-2, T-1, T-2. Refer to ARB’s Web site for a separate Pre-OBDII EO Listing containing the EO numbers and corresponding vehicle categories. Inspectors are not required to check specific vehicle application using the series or part numbers.

Extracting the PC-1 options from the official Pre-OBDII list reveals 20 different series of cats would pass visual - any of dozens of cats within each series would pass Visual Inspection (as long as the EO has not been rescinded).

Executive Order Series Category Manufacturer
D-796-2/09-30-21 420000 PC-1 Advanced Clean Air Technologies Global LLC (231) 437-5000
D-280-72/12-17-08 65000 PC-1 AirTek, Inc. (DBA Catco) (800) 247-2515
D-280-95/06-13-13 83000 PC-1 AirTek, Inc. (DBA Catco) (800) 247-2515
D-280-97/07-18-13 58000 PC-1 AirTek, Inc. (DBA Catco) (800) 247-2515
D-798-11/05-14-20 800000 PC-1 AP Exhaust Holdings, LLC (DBA Catco and Eastern) (800) 247-2515
D-193-109/01-18-13 336000 PC-1 Car Sound(DBA Magnaflow) (949) 858-5900
D-193-117/03-07-14 332000 PC-1 Car Sound(DBA Magnaflow) (949) 858-5900
D-193-126/12-29-15 352000 PC-1 Car Sound(DBA Magnaflow) (949) 858-5900
D-193-134/ 01-30-2018 332100 PC-1 Car Sound(DBA Magnaflow) (949) 858-5900
D-193-150/ 04-05-2021 3322000 PC-1 Car Sound(DBA Magnaflow) (949) 858-5900
D-193-86/11-27-08 36000 PC-1 Car Sound(DBA Magnaflow) (949) 858-5900
D-724-2/04-07-15 18000 PC-1 Converter Unlimited, Inc. (714) 933-5200
D-665-3/03-17-10 861000 PC-1 Eastern Manufacturing, Inc. (215) 702-3600
D-353-62/06-22-09 69000 PC-1 Miller Catalyzer Corporation (888) 744-6006
D-562-39/12-16-09 21000 PC-1 Valina, Inc. (DBA CarTex) (323) 269-2577
D-562-59/08-04-11 201000 PC-1 Valina, Inc. (DBA CarTex) (323) 269-2577
D-182-41/12-24-08 80300/80500 PC-1 Walker (DBA Tenneco) (734) 384-7824
D-182-54/08-31-12 80800 PC-1 Walker (DBA Tenneco) (734) 384-7824
D-182-65/11-13-15 81100 PC-1 Walker (DBA Tenneco) (734) 384-7824
D-182-77/01-20-23 81300 PC-1 Walker (DBA Tenneco) (734) 384-7824
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I needed an actually available cat with 2" inlets and outlets, fits in the available space, and has enough “catalyzing power” for this car/engine. The latter point is key, I found many that would fit physically - but were for smaller displacement engines. I’ve selected the Walker 81126 Catalytic Converter, clearly marked EO-182-65, and is used on many higher displacement engines:

Should arrive and be installed in a couple weeks, and then back for another Smog Check! (She’s tuned to perfection now using Gunson 4125 CO gas analyzer). I will register this car in California legally, I am determined!


Good on you! I know that this is a complicated process in the shaky state…:face_with_spiral_eyes:

could you have welded a converter shield to the existing exhaust to give the appearance of a cat being there?

here in AZ you can get Classic Car insurance and then the state does not require you to get emissions testing. is that not an option in Cali?

He wants to stay in california and to register it legally. A missing cat will be very obvious so he can’t just pretend that it’s there.

here they just do a quick visual with a mirror on a stick

No, that is not an option in California. All 1976 and newer cars are required to get a Smog Check every two years and the inspection includes tailpipe gas analysis and a visual inspection including verification that you have the correct OEM catalytic converters by OEM part number. Installation of aftermarket parts not approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is grounds for failure even if the car passes the tail pipe gas analysis. CA froze the year at 1976 decades ago and it hasn’t changed since then.