'76 XJ12 Fuel pressure regulator replacement part # needed

I need both fuel pressure regulators on my '76 XJ12L. Originals are Lucas 3RV 73146A.

Can anyone help me with a replacement part number? Thanks in advance.

Have only ever seen one posting on a verified substitute for the pre-HE FPR. Delphi FP10545, adjustable. The response from poster was after installation and adjusting both pressures to 29 psi, the engine ran fine. The pre-HE manual indicates adjust pressure to between 28.5 to 30.8 psi. 29.65psi is right in the middle. You will need to temporarily fit a fuel pressure gauge while adjusting pressure. The cold start valve is a good option. Price at RockAuto is $64/each. No affiliation…blah blah. SD Faircloth www.jaguarfuelinjectorservice.com


Thanks! I’ll try them out.

Might I make a suggestion as the search for a replacement FPR for the pre-HE engine comes up every now and then. Once you get the replacement and before installing, take a photo of the OEM item and the replacement Delphi (side by side photo) for comparison, and post to conclude this thread. Regards, SD

I didnt see this post until after I installed the new ones, so I didnt get a pic. Same port location and mounting thread as old one. Car fired right up. Idles great. I have not found a way to test the fuel pressure to see if it is the same or not as the OEM fpr’s.