'77 xjc - los angeles - $14,500

seems a bit pricey for needing rust repair and a repaint.
no AC, interior doesn’t look stock to me?
like almost all craigslist ads, it needs more pics!

Typo. Old tech SBC. No EFI!!! And the wires do not go with the car. original steel wheels are the deal

Located in west Hollywood. big buck folks live there. Hoping to get to Beverly Hills !!!

XJC is the best thing going for it.

Talk about optimistic pricing, :disappointed_relieved: whew. I like how he casually glossed over the fact that it’s been in hibernation for so long, and we all know what that means (total rebuild)

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'in my book the 4 door sedan is a much better looking car.
If the ‘C’s’ went for half the price of the 4 door model I’d pass.

He’s got the series I trunk key trim on it, I bagged one of those
for my series II. So I’d guess a close up pic of the license plate illumination
would show some Auto Zone added on unit.

The newer badges on the trunk lid cheapen the car
(again, 'in my book)

But wait!!!

“can be retrofitted with V12 jaguar motor and trans !!!”