'78 and '83 XJSs for sale - running V12 and FANTATIC '83 interior

(Include at leas
Jag 1
jag 2
jag 3
jag 4
jag 5
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t one picture)

First is a ’78 which I bought just for the windshield. Solid and complete car— surface rust on floors. Only things missing are right rear window and a micro switch on the throttle tower. Really too complete of a car to cut up; stored in a horse barn for the last 10 years. Neat car and classic dash.

’83 is the one I started on. Stored for 23 years, the front seats, dash and center console were stored inside the entire time. They are worth the price of admission. Low mileage car - PO was restoring for a daughter as a college graduation gift.

'83 V12 running and I have driven the car around the block, sitting on a milk crate. Injectors rebuilt and it starts on the first crank. Car is missing a windshield and a back seat. Previous owner pulled the dash to replace the AC core—new core included. Solid car with very acceptable exterior. New hoses and black fan. Exhaust pre-heat tube has sprung a leak. I am certain other issues exist.

Both have classic Jag rear ends with Danas.

Where else will you get a running V12? This car can be a driver with 40 hours of work.

Tell me which photos are important and I will get/send those shots.


Will trade for open trailer or a car I can work on with my 15-year-old daughter. Other horse trades considered and welcomed. I am working on two Trans Ams which needs a lot. Guy stuff always considered.
Asking price (if selling):$3,500

Location: Houston, TX

Contact information: Mike Barone

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide? Sure. Nigerian princes need not apply.

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