'79 sedan - Houston - $17,980

ad title & car description both state v12
photos show Chevy engine
I emailed the guy saying so.

'I emailed the owner about the fact the ad say V12 but the pic shows a Chevy as follows:
I saw you ad, the title of it says v12
The pics show a v8 Chevrolet engine.
Nice looking car regardless

He responded:
I know it has the 5.3L V12 but I will double check on that, Thanks!

In the ad it states the car is being sold by a car company, the guy must have seen the
V12 emblem and figured it meant the car has a V12 :bomb:


Car is not the one in the pictures??

Although, the car does have the V12 badge and may have been V12 powered at one time. or the person is a sale man and not mechanicaly oriented. Can’t tell a V12 from a V8!!!