'80 sedan - Portland - $3,000


Interesting, I wonder what the console came from?
That must be the last merkur Scorpio in the free world! Haven’t seen one of those in many a moon

Yes, the seats and center console are from other vehicles. The seats look familiar, but I can’t place them. The console doesn’t appear to provide enough cover on the sides. Something strange and probably bad is going on where the C pillar meets the body on the left side. Back when I was looking for an XJ6 to convert 21 years ago I came across a 1980 series III that had a major corrosion issue at this same location. It had been previously buried in bondo and new paint but had deteriorated to the point where I could have inserted a No2 pencil into the gap. With that and the big door dent and that it’s not running, $3k is optimistic.