'82 XJS - 350 in NV

I’m just curious, what is the purpose of all the posts of Jag conversions for sale. I thought this section was for members who have or are building a lump and could ask questions or give answers.


I figured there was a crowd of lump owners or ‘interested parties’ that would like to see what’s out there, in terms of ‘cost & quality’ of conversions.

Never meant to infringe on any rules or over tax the capacity of the site.

I LOVE seeing lumps for sale! Keep them coming! Great idea!


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No harm intended, I just didn’t see much activity between people who have lumps.


Richard, 'never heard anything positive about my ‘ad’ posting so when something negative came up
I was going to stop.
Back on ‘full speed ahead mode’
I’m in northern calif.
I’ve set my search parameters to ‘west coast/south west’ more or less.

Dave, what have you got and where about’s are you?
I use to get all coffee’d up and just walk through the junk yards looking for misc. stuff.
well, time clicks by and my series II’s are all pretty much off the roads now.

Most cars nowadays look like Nissans but they might be Fords - ha ha
All the bitchen cars have been made.
Granted the new stuff makes a gallon of gas go much further
and with less pollution but there’s no soul to them.

“Ran solid when parked.”

Mild snicker.

“Has some surface rust.”


Hi Gary, I’m in Alaska and I have a 1985 XJ6 that’s been in my shop for about 18 months. I’m doing a complete rebuild (not restore) and it will have a slightly built 1995 LT1/4L60e when I’m done, hopefully by next spring.
I’m sorry about my comment on used lumps, just not interested in another used car, I already have one. Yah, I know what you mean about wandering through junk yards, not many of those around here and the two big ones don’t save anything older than 2000 models. And they don’t let you wander any more, tell them what you think you need and they’ll look in the computer and tell you if they have it–period.
Good to talk to you.


OK Dave, this is a real good forum to voice problems / track down fixes & parts.

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