85 XJ6 Any known smog inspection issues?

Just picked up an 85 XJ6 and the deal was too good to pass up so I was a little lazy on my due diligence. I realize this isn’t much to go on, but it’s a one owner car with 60k miles and generally in excellent condition all around.

It was driven regularly until last year, but when I went to register it, learned that the smog inspection due last was never done. The previous owner is elderly so I’m chalking it up to that rather than anything nefarious.

Just curious if anyone has had any issues with passing inspection, particularly in CA. I guess I’ll find out soon enough, but just figured I’d ask and introduce myself.

Also have an E-Type and hoping to make this my daily.

Philip I have moved the post the the XJ-S forum.

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I had an 85 XJS and XJ6 for many years. The only “trick” needed in CA (assuming they were already in working order) was to make sure they were fully warmed up at test time. I drove them for a good 30 minutes, with a stint on the freeway, just prior to pulling into the test station. If I didn’t warm them up first, it was 50/50 whether they’d pass.

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Further to what Killer said, warming fully is important.

I had one that failed. It turned out the thermostats were not good, allowing the coolant to remain a little cool, and the engine a little rich.

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Mine failed smog (1996 XJS Celebration). Required a new TPS installed.
Lot of SMOG places do not do Jags. My local Jag shop replaced the TPS and smogged it.

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