85 xjs he australian specs

Hi Jag Lovers from the land of OZ,

Playing around with the CTS, wiring, does it matter which wire goes to which pin on the CTS ?
Any help would most welcome.

Just as a matter of interest, I remember some time ago there was a discussion re. cold start injectors being discontinued at a certain year. My XJS is a 1985 HE and it has them.


It just provides the resistance so no matter which wire is which.

NEVER !! seen an 85 V12 with cold start injectors. Post a few pics and maybe post your vin number. The HE engines don’t even have ports in the intakes for the cold start injectors. And the fuel rail doesn’t have barbs for cold start injectors. Better yet, you should post the motor serial number. We’ll figure out what year engine you have. SD Faircloth www.jaguarfuelinjectorservice.com

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Thank you for your help, re. the CTS wiring.

My XJS was built AUGUST 1984
and registered in Australia 1985 ( do not have exact date in 85 )
Sorry don’t have engine number, where do I find it on the block?
Have tried several times to upload pics. without success, but will try again.


According to Jaguar TSB the Cold Start Injectors were deleted from the V12s at VIN 114474 (XJS) and 377726 (Series III Sedan)…

Except for cars with “D Emission System”

Not sure about the XJS but for the Series III cars VIN “377736” would have been late '83 or early '84 calendar year


Thank you Doug and SD Faircloth,

I now have the engine number

Sent the above by mistake,

I now have the engine number from the original sales booklet, provided there has not been an engine change this is it.
Look forward to any info.


Bruce, I checked on three separate locations to decode your VIN. All three indicated an invalid number. They indicate the VIN should be 17 characters. Your VIN is 16 characters.

Here is a link with some info on the engine serial number. Not conclusive but a clue. Info in this site.
Engine Numbers And that link may not work.

It’s somewhere in the library on this site.

SD Faircloth

Thank you SD-Faircloth for your research,

I made an error with the Vin. number and missed a digit.
The correct Vin.number is,

SAJJNAEY3BC118807 (17)